About Us

【WJ HOME story 】

How we got our start? 

This is brand WJ HOME, an international fashion home brand founded in 2019, relying on the advantages of industry chain, exporting quality standards, placing orders nationwide, and selling globally. 

What makes our product unique? 

WJ HOME  products are based on the theme of fashion, including furniture, outdoor, pajamas ,fitness, rug and other full home series. WJ HOME have an independent research and development team, we are fast on new products, and try our best to lead the trend of home. 

Why we love what we do?

WJ HOME adheres to the business philosophy of "Your satisfaction is WJ HOME success", we have launched a variety of home categories, so that you can easily buy what you want in one store! We always believe that giving you confidence, beauty and comfort is our greatest success!

【WJ HOME Feature】

Fashion Home Products

Thanks to the in-depth control of the supply chain and an excellent design team, we are committed to providing young users with more fashionable home furnishing products. Whether it is large furniture, small home furnishings or even home furnishings, we will inject fashion elements into our products.

Standard Shipping Free

Unless you choose expedited service, all standard delivery will be free.

Online Shopping

We focus on providing online services to our customers. All goods and services will be completed online, which greatly facilitates our customers in special times.

For this reason, we optimized the website shopping process, made the product information more comprehensive, and the pictures more real, so that users can feel the real products online.

Shipped From US Warehouse

Except for home furnishings and slippers, all of our larger products such as furniture are stored in warehouses in the United States, including states such as NJ, GA, and CA.

We will use UPS or FedEx to deliver your purchased products from the warehouse to your designated location. It usually takes 7-14 working days. Due to the impact of the COVID-19, the time limit will be reduced.

For more than 150 pounds or very large products, it usually takes 1-3 weeks.

Outstanding Quality

We aren't even saving a penny on your item, we do our best to ensure excellent product quality. From the purchase until the delivery.

Excellent Service

You are welcome to contact our support team anytime,at hi@wjhome.house . We are there at your service to answer your inquiries or give you valuable advice on your order.